Offer update

As you know we made our formal offer for the Boot a month ago at a figure which represents its present commercial value as a closed Public House. The offer has not been accepted but left on the table for the time being.  We understand that negotiations have been taking place with another interested party at a price level significantly higher than our offer - a price level which is, we believe, based on a perceived potential for residential development on all or part of the site.  We understand from our meetings with the planners that permissions in this regard would not be forthcoming but for the moment we can only stand by and see what transpires.

However in the meantime a bit of good news, we are pleased to report that our grant and funding application through the 'More than a Pub' scheme has received conditional acceptance and this, combined with the excellent level of community pledges and a modest amount of commercial borrowing will meet our funding targets as outlined in the business plan. 

Finally re the new GDPR (data protection regulations). We have your details from the initial sign up pages at the open meetings, our pledge forms and individual names given to us over the last few months. These are on our database held securely and specifically to keep you informed about progress in our campaign to try to retain the Boot as a Pub in our community. We will not give access or any details to anyone else and if requested (to Jon Best our secretary at ) we will remove you from our list.

Hopefully more news soon

Best regards

Chair The Community Boot Inn (Orleton) Ltd