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The Boot Inn
Kitchen Hill Road
Ludlow, SY8 4HN

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If you have any questions about the Boot, our company, or indeed any of us, please get in touch using the form on this page, or via the individuals listed below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Company Chair
John Alderman
Ye Old House
Orleton, SY8 4HN
01568 780566
Email John

Company Treasurer
Robert Williams
Rather Small Cottage
Orleton, SY8 4HN
01568 780498
Email Robert

Company Secretary
Jon Best
Email Jon

Press and general enquiries
David Flory
01568 780654
07534 302011

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The Plunkett Foundation

Plunkett Foundation helps communities to take control of their challenges and overcome them through co-operation. We support people, predominantly in rural areas, to set up and run life-changing community co-operatives; enterprises that are owned and run democratically by large numbers of people in their community. They help people to tackle a range of issues such as isolation, loneliness and poverty, and come in many forms including shops, cafes, pubs and land-based initiatives, and anything in between. www.plunkett.co.uk

Sidney Phillips

Sidney Phillips are the listing agent for the Boot Inn so you can register here as an interested party and be supplied all the necessary sales information. www.sidneyphillips.co.uk